Jane's Pencil Portraits
Photo Checklist

In order for me produce good quality detailed portraits, the photos I work from need to
be of good quality too.  It would be great if your photo....

is in focus! The most important thing is that your subject is in focus so that I can see all
the detail.

shows the subject in the foreground.  
If the subject is too small, I will not be able to see enough detail, even if it is in focus.  This is important because it helps me to produce a good likeness.

clearly shows the subjects eyes.  Chances are that if you can see the eye colour and eye lashes then there is enough detail in the photo for me to work with.

is in good condition. No scratches, water marks etc.

If you would like to send more than one image because you're not sure which is the
best, please do. I will let you know which image I have chosen before I start the portrait. 
All photos sent to me in the post will be returned with the completed portrait.